If you've accidentally deleted important images from your

  • Compact Flash
  • SD card
  • USB Memory stick

it's possible we may be able to retrieve the images providing the file(s) or media has not been corrupted or overwritten beyond recovery. It may be possible to retrieve images from a reformatted medium providing the file(s) have not been overwritten.

Whilst success cannot be guaranteed, we operate this service on a "no win, no fee" basis - should nothing be recoverable, then no fee will be charged.
Please note however that where any image(s) is/are recovered, the fee is £20 irrespective of the number of images recovered. 
Recovered images are provided on CD, as writing to flash media is not normally recommended from a computer. The portable media is returned to the client as received. We accept material in strict accordance with the terms below, and supply of media will be deemed as agreement with the terms by the client. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

Terms of acceptance of media

  • The service is offered with no guarantee of recovery, and is chargeable only on recovery spanning either a single image or group of images.
  • Media is accepted by Lambourne Images at the customer's risk, and no liability in any respect whatsoever will be accepted by Lambourne Images whilst the media is in our possession.
  • We currently accept CF(Compact Flash) SD (Secure Digital) or USB memory stick only. Further formats will be accepted in the near future
  • Responsibility for ownership/copyright of images remains with the client at all times, and supply of media is deemed acceptance of such by the client. It is agreed that copyright issues are assigned to the client prior to submission, thereby absolving Lambourne Images of any liability or inference of copyright infringement.